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      Two Sixteen year old boys are given a magical ability to speak spell words. They have to deal with the repercussions of their disappearing father and their mother who is growing ill. Castor is set on saving her with their new powers, but certain circumstances are preventing him from doing so. Pollux tries to help his brother but distance begins to grow between them.They will soon come to find out that they are a small part of a larger story full of many enemies, some of which may be closer to them than they thought. Join Castor and Pollux on their journey as they talk to oak trees, work with forest witches, and discover the true power they now possess along with the evils that stand in their way.

                                     (IN PROGRESS)       
    A narcissistic and depressed therapist deals with the consequences of his actions. He has a hate for the world and has no regard for individuals belief systems. He truly believes that everyone is cursed with disgusting thoughts. Everyone has problems, and people who think they don't are lying to themselves. He gets himself in deep trouble when he starts unlawfully dosing patients and meeting sketchy friends.

                                       (IN PROGRESS)       
    Set in the year 2452, a cyber-security hacker was hired by the government at the age of twelve to stop other hackers from doing what he does. He is extremely drug addicted and uses his replicator multi-times a day to dose himself and get some kind of sleep. He wants off earth but the government restricts access. with the help of an engineer, he finds a way to get off the planet, but what lies ahead of him was not expected in any way, shape, or form.

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