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The Vision

Wedding Couple at Salt Creek Cider House, Oregon wedding video
Wedding florist at a wedding event in OREGON

Welcome to our world of wedding and event videography, where we transform your special moments into unforgettable cinematic memories. At Kuykendall Films, I understand that your big day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we are dedicated to capturing every precious detail, emotion, and cherished memory in a way that will last forever.

I am a skilled videographer committed to turning your wedding or event into a mesmerizing story that will leave you breathless every time you watch it. I go beyond simply recording the events; I weave together the essence of your day, ensuring that the magic, joy, and love are elegantly preserved for generations to come.

I craft cinematic narratives that transport you back in time, allowing you to relive the beauty of your special day with all its tenderness and splendor. Every smile, tear, and heartfelt embrace will be artistically immortalized, creating a timeless treasure that you can share with loved ones and cherish forever.

Let me savor your once-in-a-lifetime experience and transform it into an enchanting visual journey that will stay etched in your heart forever. Your story deserves to be told in the most captivating and breathtaking way, and that's precisely what I are here to do. Contact me today and let me make your dreams a cinematic reality.

a couple dancing at a wedding, Oregon wedding video
Cameron Kuykendall, wedding and event videographer, wedding video

Meet Cam Kuykendall

Throughout the years, I always knew that my work should be a service to people, but didn't quite know how to achieve that goal. I waited tables, built roof trussing, sold solar panels & sandwiches, but nothing quite moved me in the way I thought it would. 

Being a creative and a storyteller, I was always told that you can't make it as an artist, you have to do it as a hobby. but that all changed when I found out about the world of film creation in late 2020. Since then, I have dedicated myself to the wonderful world of visual storytelling. First I made short films, then some music videos but none of that seemed quite the right path....

Being a 


Cameron Kuykendall and Autumn Jernigan at wedding, wedding videographer

My passion has evolved into wedding and event video. I've found that if you approach this kind of video as a Visual Story, rather than a slideshow, a piece of art develops. One that I can share in its beauty, and it led me right here...

Creating wedding videos is a path I know will be challenging, but in all the best ways. I love the idea of collaboration, and coming together to create something beautiful.

Being a 

Cameron Kuykendall, a wedding and event videographer
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